The Electric Fireplace is in!

There has been a drive in recent years toward home heating methods that are environmentally friendly, nice looking and easy to use. People ask how they can strive to become more environmentally conscious as they move toward alternate energy options.

The electric fireplace is one of those alternate sources of home heat, and they’re making a comeback!

electric fireplace

Installing An Electric Fireplace

Installing an electric fireplace is a straightforward improvement that homeowners could think about doing. Electric fireplaces have several features that make them an energy-efficient solution for your house and use a great deal less energy than gas or wood-burning fireplaces.

And, electric fireplaces are a LOT less messy than a wood-burning fireplace.

Additionally, who wants to waste time getting wood or coal for a traditional fireplace and then spending time every day cleaning the hearth and the chimney?

It’s crucial to understand that electric fireplaces can be installed almost anyplace as long as they are kept away from flammable materials and are connected by a qualified Colorado Springs electrician.

Electric fireplaces don’t need exterior venting, unlike wood-fired and natural gas fireplaces; all they need is a supply of 120-volt, 15-amp power. Many variants can be managed using handheld remote controls or wall-mounted thermostats.

A Case Study in Energy Efficiency

Electric fireplaces are generally very energy-efficient.  The ability of an electric fireplace to look and feel like a real fire while not really burning anything is one of its main selling features. These fireplaces feature unique flame technology, which gives the fire an incredibly realistic appearance.

Flame-controlling technology, which sporadically modifies the flame effect, height, and speed, is another characteristic that gives the electric fireplace a very realistic appearance. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of flame effects, such as crystallized glass in clear or colored alternatives or intricately detailed wood logs.

Compared to gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces really use a lot less energy to create these fake flames. In addition, no greenhouse gases are discharged into the atmosphere because there is no combustion.

Electric Fireplace Design Selection

Customers can now select fireplace designs to accommodate almost any installation style and complement any decor. These can be broadly categorized as electric stove fireplaces, corner mounted fireplaces, floor-mounted types, and fireplace inserts.

Electric fireplaces can be a great way to augment a central heating system while also increasing the comfort and value of your house.

With these systems, you lower the thermostat in other parts of the house and only heat the area or rooms that you use frequently.

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