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Having working electric heating and cooling in your home is a must. This is especially true during the warm summer months and those cold stretches of winter.

No worries though, SOCO Electric in Colorado Springs has got you covered with all of your electric heating and cooling solutions.

electric heating and cooling

Electric Heating

The demands for heating are continually changing. Electric heating has changed the way a lot of homes and commercial properties are heated. The innovations in the space are driven by the constant demands for improvements in efficiency and convenience.

One of the major benefits of electric heating is the increased comfort that it delivers. Some of the other benefits include the cleanness of the energy source and even the control you get with it. It’s also much more efficient than alternative sources, and electric heat is easy to install as compared to a forced air gas heating system.

Electric Heating Vs. Natural Gas

It can be a good choice to go with electric heating if you don’t have the option of going for natural gas. It’s also a good option if you are only looking to heat a single room in your home or office.

Why is this? Well, you can install electric wall heaters in any specific room fairly easily. You can even install them in a specific area that needs added heat output. Doing this strategically can save you a lot of money because you won’t be wasting energy heating areas of your home or business that you don’t need.

Along with this, an electric heating unit can be installed and used as a substitute for a gas furnace if it makes sense.

Heated Floors and/or Driveways

Installing a heated floor can be a beneficial way to save yourself some money and make a specific room in your home much more comfortable during the winter months. It’s a good way to keep yourself and everyone in your home warm without having to use your gas-powered system to try and heat a room where ducting may be limited.

When you install a heated driveway, it can help you avoid having to go shovel snow during the winter months when snowfall occurs.

Electric Cooling

There are water-based electric coolers which are also known as evaporative cooling systems. These systems can also be referred to as swamp coolers. They aren’t anything new, as they’ve been around for years, effectively cooling millions of homes throughout the US. They’ve garnered a solid reputation for offering cost-efficient cooling.

Thus, if the price is a concern, an evaporative cooling system could fit the bill.

How does a “swamp cooler” work? An evaporative cooling system works through evaporation. The evaporated water is effectively cooler than all of the air around it. In most cases, it’s as much as 20 to a full 40 degrees cooler. Because of this, the cooler works by effectively bringing the air from outside of your home through a window where it crosses pads that have been soaked in water.

Once the “cooled” air enters the space, it drops down and pushes the hot air completely out of the house because hot air naturally rises.

These coolers make for a good option for those that live in Colorado. Why is that? Because Colorado’s climate is rather dry. Thus, these units make for a very cost effective solution when you compare the total cost that would be needed to install an air conditioning system.

Also, they happen to be much more energy efficient too. Not to mention, they are more Eco-friendly. After all, they are primarily using air and water instead of refrigerants. These coolers are typically adhered to the roof or throughout the exterior portion of the home or building.

Thus, they would need to be wired accordingly by an experienced Colorado Springs electrician.

Air Conditioning

When you have central air conditioning, it essentially cools down the entire home by pumping refrigerated air throughout the house.

It does this by re-circulating chilled air throughout previously installed ducts in your home or commercial building. The hot air that’s in your home is sucked through the ducts to be re-used and chilled and pushed out as cold air. As soon as the air has been chilled, it’s redirected back through the ducts and it helps to cool down your property.

As you can probably tell, the entire ductwork system is based on return and supply. The air within the home or property is re-used and re-circulated throughout the entire property until the desired temperature is reached. As you can see, every room in the place is going to be the same temperature. Because of this, it’s not necessarily the best option for those only looking to heat or cool a single room. Instead, it’s better for those looking to heat or cool the entire home to a consistent temperature.

While air conditioning is very good for providing cold air very quickly, it can be expensive to install and operate as compared with other home-cooling technologies.

Whole-House Fans

A whole house fan can be an effective and rather economical way to lower temperatures in your home Not to mention, it can be a good way to circulate fresh air throughout the house too. Not only do they deliver good cooling benefits, but they can also do so at a fraction of the price of air conditioning.

Whole house fans can reduce indoor air temperatures up to 30 degrees F. For attics, these fans can reduce temperatures by as much as 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Attic Fans

Hot air is likely to build up within the attic on a warm summer day. After all, hot air rises. Because of this, your attic can reach staggeringly hot temperatures – as much as 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This is especially true during the middle of the summer.

Some of this heat is invariably transferred to your home’s interior, making for some uncomfortable summer days and nights!

This is why you might want to consider installing an attic fan. An attic fan can effectively remove the hot air that’s trapped in it. This can naturally help to cool your home. It’s also a good way to add more cool and fresh air to your attic and home.

If you want an attic fan installed, it’ll require wiring to work. You can wire it to a circuit which would allow you to control it with either a switch or your thermostat. It could work seamlessly with an already installed cooling system or as something that works alone.

An attic fan can keep your other cooling systems from having to work so hard which can save you money in energy savings.

At SOCO Electric, we can make sure any of the heating or cooling technologies described above have adequate and safe electrical power. You don’t have to suffer with excessive heat or cold when good, reliable and economical technology exists to make your home the comfy place you need and want.


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