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The main role of ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) is to monitor the electric current that flows through it from a power source. GFCIs prevent fatal electrical shocks or fires by interrupting the current as soon as they detect a surge. These devices play a major role in keeping humans safe.

They are also known as appliance leakage current interrupters.

GFCI Installation ElectricianThese devices should be installed in locations that are considered wet, and you should have a GFCI installation electrician install your GFCIs.

GFCIs are an absolute must, both at home and in workplaces with high humidity levels. They protect people from electrocution in the event of a short-circuit. Even though they can’t eliminate all shocks, they can offer solid protection against severe electrocution.

GFCIs Prevent Severe Electrical Injuries

GFCI products are among the most effective ways to prevent severe electrical injuries and death by electrocution.

The way GFCIs work is by monitoring the electricity flow through the circuits they are installed in. More specifically, they measure the electricity flow that goes into the circuit and the electrical current that returns. They are designed to detect leaks.

Whenever the amount of electricity that returns is less than the current that enters the circuit, that’s the telltale sign of a leak. Should such abnormalities occur, the device detects them and instantly cuts off the current, thus disconnecting the circuit. This is how they prevent electrical shocks from occurring.

GFCI Outlets For A Safe Home

GFCI products are great safety measures, even in circuits where they may not be necessary. However, in damp, moist or wet environments, these devices are an absolute must.

GFCI has been included in building codes, starting in 1973, when all outside outlets needed to feature GFCI protection. Now, this is the norm in many rooms and building locations. Kitchens, basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms, attics and crawlspaces are among the spaces that call for GFCI outlets. If your house is very old, it may not have GFCI protection in all of these places.

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