LED Lighting Retrofit

How An LED Lighting Retrofit Might Help You

While it’s true that fluorescent lighting has saved many businesses and homes energy when compared to incandescent lighting, there may be an energy saving alternative that’s better than the both of them. Many are now going with an LED lighting retrofit¬† as it is highly energy efficient and extremely long-lasting, while providing quality lighting where you need it most.

LED lighting retrofit

Those who are looking to upgrade their home in a way that has escaped many homeowners may want to upgrade their old fluorescent or incandescent lighting to LED lights as it’s a cost-effective solution.

Let’s see if an LED Lighting Retrofit is right for you!

The LED Lighting Retrofit Process

Our LED lighting retrofit process changes those existing lighting fixtures out to cost-effective LED lighting. Most light fixtures in your home or office can be changed out to LED lighting.

Some homeowners may not want to get rid of their existing fixtures. Sometimes, there may be a way to convert existing light fixtures into LED without having to remove them entirely. We would have to take an LER conversion on a case-by-case basis.

Why is LED Lighting Better Than Fluorescent Or Incandescent?

Those with a home or business that’s still being lit by fluorescent or incandescent lighting may want to think about an upgrade to LED lighting. There are many disadvantages to fluorescent and incandescent lighting, some of which include:

  • Fluorescent or Incandescent lights run the risk of starting a fire due to how hot they burn
  • Fluorescent or Incandescent lights aren’t as durable
  • Fluorescent or Incandescent lights tend to be less efficient
  • Fluorescent or Incandescent lights are not as long-lasting as LEDs

Many choose to swap out their bulbs for new ones for a short-term solution. This can end up costing the home or business owner a lot of money. It’s important to consider all the damage these fluorescent bulbs do to wiring as well. Because of the mess they cause, many are deciding to convert to LED lighting.

Take a look at the many reasons why people are converting to LED.

These little energy efficient bulbs take a much smaller amount of energy to run when compared to florescent or incandescent lights. Many homeowners notice a much smaller electric bill for this very reason.

Superior Lighting – Because of recent advancements in LED technology, you’ll see many different varieties of the bulbs that now output in all different levels of lighting. There are also many different warmth of colors to choose from. Those who go with LED lighting often notice a better atmosphere. With all of the options available, LED lighting is easy to customize.

Longer Lifespan – Particularly with fluorescent, homeowners often can’t manage to get something done without having to change a light fixture. Those who go with LED lights miss out on this frustration. LED lights can last quite a long time at 50,000 to around 100,000 hours. It’s a much better alternative to the 10,000 hour lighting that fluroescent lights provide. It’s a headache savor and is much better for the environment.

No UV emissions – Ultraviolet lighting has a tendency to reek havoc with our upholstery and carpeting. LED lights do not offput it. Have you noticed forms of color fade due to sun exposure? UV lights are the reason why. While homeowners are certainly pleased to see their electric bill go down, it’s nothing compared to not having to replace their carpeting over and over again.

Design flexibility – Interior designers love that LED lights are highly adjustable when it comes to the color they admit and the illumination they give off. Because LED lights are so powerful, a single one of them can admit more brightness than a couple of incandescent lights.

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