It’s true that many people with an unfinished basement don’t know how much valuable additional living space they can get from the basement if properly finished.

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Basement Renovation Options to Consider

Whether your basement is unfinished and only makes it ideal for storage and appliances like the washing machine and freezer does not mean there are no other options. With just a little creativity and investment, you can covert that seemingly unusable space into a valuable living place.

You can use it for an array of purposes including a game room, media room, guest room, family room, or even a home office.

Basement Renovation- Is the Investment Worth It?

Adding any usable space in your home increases its value. The basement already features a basic foundation, making it an excellent place to add valuable space. Basement remodeling projects usually deliver about 75% return on investment (ROI) and properties with finished basements tend to be more appealing to potential buyers.

In addition to the financial benefits of a basement remodel, is investing in your happiness. Anyone residing in Colorado Springs is aware of the value of extra storage space when it comes to buying a house. Beyond that, however, a basement can be converted into just about anything you want.

For the best results, here are a few things to keep in mind during remodeling:

1. Heating & Insulation

If you want a practical basement, the space should be livable regardless of the season. Basements tend to be cooler during the hot season and warmer during the cold months. With that in mind, your remodeling plan should have provisions for extreme conditions.

This includes integrating the rest of the house heating system into the basement. Insulation measures should ideally cover the floors, walls, and windows.

2. Ventilation

Your basement can easily get stuffy if the airflow is insufficient. As such, you will also want to ensure that the remodeling project includes working in the ventilation shafts for a more comfortable space. Even if you intend to utilize air conditioning, allot enough air shafts to allow proper air circulation. Fresh air inflow is important, particularly during the remodeling phase.

3. Plumbing

Consider including a toilet, sink, and bathroom in your renovation plans. This way, both inhabitants and guests will not have to go out of the basement to use these amenities. Consider having this done in the early phase of the project so that you will have a functional plumbing system during construction.

4. Electricity and Lighting

Chances are your remodeling plan includes lighting upgrades, adding outlets and wiring for electrical appliances.

As you think about your lighting plan, do not forget to leverage natural light if possible. Think about the sun’s position during the colder months to allow more heat and sunlight. This can go a long way in conserving energy and ensuring you have sufficient light when you need to use the space.

As such, you will want adequate wiring and electrical plugs to accommodate everything. Be sure to hire an experienced Colorado Springs electrician for the job.



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