Service Panel Upgrades

service panel upgradeWhat Is A Service Panel?

Your home’s service panel is where electricity comes to your home and gets distributed to individual electric circuits through circuit breakers.

The service panel is literally the heart of your home’s electrical system.

Do I Need A  Service Panel Upgrade?

If your electrical circuits are not able to meet your needs, that is a very obvious sign that you need a service panel upgrade.

If one appliance needs to be unplugged to use another one without the breaker tripping, or if your lights flicker due to certain activities, then most likely your electrical panel is being overtaxed.

Even if you are not losing service often, you may be in need of a service panel upgrade. If your service panel provides less than 200 amps of electricity, or the panel uses screw-in fuses, then your system is outdated.

Generally speaking, if your house is over 20 years old, then it is worthwhile to consider upgrading your service panel.

Adding A New Appliance or Remodeling

When you are buying a new appliance such as a hot tub or air conditioner that consumes large amounts of power or you are renovating your living space, your energy needs increase. If the amp capacity of the system does not meet your electrical requirements, then the circuit breaker will trip often and the power connection will be cut off.

The increased capacity that an upgrade provides makes it easier to install a home theater, can lighting, efficient kitchen appliances, or a luxurious spa bath.

Using Numerous Power Strips and Extension Cords

It is best to upgrade your electrical panel if you do not have enough outlets to plug in all of the electronics and electric gadgets that are so popular now.

Excessive use of extra cords and strips increases fire hazard risks. Call an electrical contractor to have new circuits and outlets installed to protect your house against electrical accidents.

Do not delay upgrading your electrical panel. you will regret it later. Also, electricity should not be part of a DIY project. Unless you are a trained electrician, ever try to install or change anything electrical.


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