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If you notice your lights are flickering whenever you use appliances or turn on your air conditioning, then chances are you may have a circuit overload and should consider getting a whole house surge protector for your entire house.

Power Spikes Can Damage Sensitive Electrical Equipment

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This is a very common issue and it happens due to power surges or spikes of power. It is possible for these to happen at any time, whether it be in the day or at night. However, they would typically occur when power consumption is at its highest in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas.

These types of electrical surges are quite dangerous since they can damage the appliances and equipment in your home. This includes your computers, laptops, televisions, music systems and more. Unfortunately, it can lead to circuit boards that make up these electrical devices becoming overheated which will definitely ruin them.

Once this happens, the damage caused can be quite catastrophic.

A Whole House Surge Protector

One way that you can protect your appliances and devices in your home is to use a surge protector for your entire house.

These surge protectors help by blocking power spikes from actually entering your electronics or appliances and they only allow safe levels to enter.

It is possible to purchase surge protector outlets as well as surge protector power strips. However, it is much wiser to get a surge protector for the entire house so that your entire home is protected.

SOCO Electric can install a whole house surge protector on your home’s main electrical panel to protect all of the appliances and equipment in your home. These surge protectors would work to suppress any electricity spikes whenever they try to enter your home and would protect everything that uses electricity within your home.

Surge Protector Strips Not Enough

Most people believe that using a surge power strip is enough to protect their televisions, entertainment systems, computers etc. However, these power strips aren’t sufficient for all power surges. When you use a home suppression device along with surge power strips, this will protect your entire home and ensure that all of your belongings are well protected.

We Can Install A Whole House Surge Protector

Once you’re committed to protecting your home, then a whole-house surge protector is the answer. Be sure to give us a call at SOCO Electric and we will help you to get started.


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